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Chinese Tutor Near Me - Richard Duan
Richard Duan White Plains, NY
Mandarin, Math, Physics
- I obtained a Ph.D. from MIT at the age of 25, a Bachelor of Science degree from USTC at 19, and a High School diploma at 15. - A native Mandarin speaker, fluent in English, I have been living in the States from my teen years. - I believe education is holistic, that most naturally engages mind, emotion, physicality, and spirit. - I enjoy talking with all people, especially with young people. - I believe character development has long lasting impact to life, while academic excellence is the icing on the cake. - I was an atheist, I am a Christian. Most young people find it impossible to fit me into a Christian stereotype. - I believe a good educator takes up his/her role as a tour guide, while knowledge is the scene. - I believe a good educator should be a good listener, and with a good sense of humor.

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